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Clarissa says ...

"I have been going to iRun for a little of a year now. My husband loves running and working out. One day he told me he found a running store that had social runs during the week. Of course my responses were, “we already pay to go to a gym, I’m not a runner, it’s boring, there’s no challenge.” Boy was I wrong.

The first time we walked into the iRun store everyone was so nice - great customer service. Reminder I’m not just saying all this because I love iRun. I, too, work in customer service, and they really wanted to help - not to just sell or make you waste your money on things you don’t need. But they truly make you feel like you’re important and they want to help. All the associates seemed like they loved what they did and were so pumped about running I wanted to feel this way too. I wanted to run!!!!

So I said, “Ok what the heck – Let’s give it a shot.” This was the best decision I made. I thought, “Oh no, they are going to judge me - I’m so slow.” Those feelings shot out right through the window after the first run. If I ever struggled or had to walk, the trainers were always there by my side to help and support. They would walk with me and talk me through my breathing and were so patient and not judgmental at all.

From that point on we began to attend social runs on Monday and Wednesdays, and of course any running events they held. Why not? It was great but also free! How cool is that! Getting healthy for free and sometimes if you participated in the raffle, you could get lucky and get the winning ticket to win goodies - even a pair of shoes!

I have seen great results; I’ve lost over 25lbs and feel great! I started with barely running 5k’s once a week to now running 3-5 miles 2-3 times a week. I have completed a half marathon and now my goal is to complete a full marathon.

Recently we decided to take the Good Form Running Class, and again great decision. Lauren was great and I have learned so much and have come along way. I can’t wait to take more classes. Thank you again iRun and to all the runners and trainers. You are all great friends!"

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